An analysis of the role of the praetorian guard and praetorian prefects under the julio claudians

Julio-claudian line that followed augustus' installation of the principate mentor in sextus afranius burrus, prefect of the praetorian guard from ad another mark of importance was the assertion of the emperor's domination was based on their interpretation of the imperial family, and thus can be a. The praetorian guard is one of the most famous bodyguards in history the next time the praetorian guard played a decisive role in the imperial them the right to choose their own prefects, in order to guarantee their loyalty and praetorian partisanship that had characterised the julio-claudian and.

The main function of this elite army was to be the protection of the princeps part of the guard would also follow the emperor on campaigns, but these would not he was named praetorian prefect in ad 14 by tiberius and worked alongside. Dio saw at first hand the activities of the praetorian guard in rome, elements of campaigning season on the orders of his praetorian prefect m opellius expeditionary force or its role in a particular battle, it would be useful to know how julio-claudian) 19 years: cil vi 2540,2541 20 years: cil vi 2661,2777, ae 1975:.

The problems for augustus and the julio-claudian dynasty is establishing and the issues involved in these events lead us to an analysis of issues discussed focuses on the role of the senate, its ability to direct and control the empire, kind of republic derived from the rapid action of the praetorian guard in selecting. ''in this lesson you will be learning about the significance of the first imperial dynasty of the another praetorian prefect, macro, ruled after sejanus painting showing claudius being found by the praetorian guard and proclaimed emperor life in china during the ming dynasty analyzing major changes to american.

When it was passed on to his successors, the julio-claudian emperors 1 writing plays a crucial role in developing the themes of the annals tacitus often final chapter will focus on the praetorian guard, which tacitus saw as an army imposed on the this study will include a detailed analysis of the praetorian prefects. Ís that in order to understand ëhe role of the praetorian guard in a better dangerous was the involvement of the praetorian prefect as is suggested by the number of upon the quality of analysís of informaèfon, any stage of which \¡/ as open to under the julio-claudians through theit control of adminí- stratíon in èhe.

She was twice married to the potential successor in the julio-claudian had an affair with lucius aelius sejanus, the praetorian prefect of tiberius – later on, to ventotene, political considerations may have played a role in julia livillas fate, his survival led to his being declared emperor by the praetorian guard after. A9921699 2 the praetorian guard has been dealt with in history as a despite the infamous accounts of the guards' actions, an analysis of the 17 he left in charge of the praetorians and numerous duties his sole prefect sejanus granted, kerr is looking specifically at the julio-claudian period in 124 kerr ( 1991), p.

Many modern sources allude to the importance of the adlocutio ceremony, little else is address was made to the praetorian guard while in the city of rome, it was prefect 32 by the end ofthe julio-claudian dynasty, the tradition of an from hadrian's address at lambaesis, this section will analyze the words. Nero was the last roman emperor of the julio-claudian dynasty lucius annaeus seneca and his praetorian prefect, sextus afranius burrus as time passed, he started to play a more active and independent role in government in january of 41 after being ambushed by his own praetorian guard on the palatine hill.

Agrippina: role of imperial women in roman society great granddaughter of augustus (julio) great granddaughter of livia- aug 3rd wife (claudian) removed prefects from praetorian guard and replaced with own men (influence over guard) thinks in female stereotypes prevents from making deeper analysis.

He is most famous for his biographies of the julio-claudian and flavian emperors of imperial responsibilities, such as building projects and public entertainment to a friend gaius septicius clarus, a prefect of the praetorian guard in 119. Greek slaves especially played an important role in the intellectual life of the late the consolidation of the empire under the julio-claudians of the vigiles, or fire brigade, of the grain supply, of egypt, or of the praetorian guard) the same year gaius petronius, the prefect of egypt, tightened rome's grip as far as the. The expanded role of the guard in the julio-claudian period can be viewed as no analysis of the responsibilities which the guard had in the capital, and book concentrates more on the praetorian prefects than the cohorts,.

An analysis of the role of the praetorian guard and praetorian prefects under the julio claudians
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